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Castle Batch in the news!

We are always very proud when our school is in the news for the positive things that happen here! Below are links to the latest news reports and articles involving the children from our school.

Academic Year 2017 18

Academic Year 2015-2016


Castle Batch are part of the Sainsbury's School Games which encourages young people to take part in competitive sport.  Go to www.yourschoolgames.com/, then click on 'Your School'.  On the right hand side there is a link that says 'Find your school page'.  We regularly add blogs that share some of the competitive events that the children have been involved in.

Academic Year 2014-2015

School Pupils Help Sow the Seeds of Remembrance


After drawing names out of a hat, eight lucky pupils were invited to help sow the seeds of Remembrance at Puxton Park as part of a project to commemorate the fallen of the First World War.  The children were joined by Royal British Legion members  as part of an ambitious scheme to plant hundreds of poppy seeds.  It is hoped the seeds will flower and Puxton will be bathed in a sea of red poppies in time for Remembrance Sunday, in memory of those who fought and died during the conflict.

Poppies became synonymous with great loss of life in war after flowering in the war-torn battlefields of Europe at the end of the hostilities in the spring of 1915.

Puxton Park hopes the event brought education to life for pupils and the living memorial poppy garden will now leave a lasting reminder of all those who lost their lives in conflict.  Sarah Warren, Head of Park, said:  “Inspired by the Tower of London's centenary poppy tribute to fallen First World War soldiers, we wanted to create our own living memorial here at Puxton Park.  The poppy is a very visual symbol of World War One and later conflicts and we hope that by planting the poppies, the children will begin to understand the horrors and the sacrifices made by the soldiers and their families.”  The pupils and Legion members will return to the park on Armistice Day on November 11, to see the flowered garden at a commemorative ceremony to remember the fallen.  Bristol Blue Glass have also got involved and created a giant red glass poppy worth £500 to be auctioned off in November to raise money for The British Legion.

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Sainsbury's School Sport Games

We, as a school, signed up for the Sainsbury's School Sport Games and the topic for last term was inclusion.  Year 4 did sports activities for the day and Mrs Sweet had to write a blog about the activities and how it links to inclusion.  Hewr blog was as follows:

  • In the morning session, the Year 4 children learnt the three activities.  When they came back for the afternoon session, they were really enthusiastic and wanted to do well.  They improved their scores and these were added on to the 'Compete Online' website. Everybody was able to participate and there was a definite increase in confidence and an improvement in ability as the day progressed.  The children understood that everybody's input was valuable.
  • Quotes:
    • 'It was good that everyone could compete because some people don't usually join in with sport' - Caiela
    • 'Everyone, even though they may have a bad leg or hurt their foot, they still competed' - Rhys
    • 'Everybody took part.  They didn't say - oh I can't do that' - Eloise
    • 'Sometime when we do PE there are arguments but this time there wasn't! - Jacob
  • Both classes were keen to know how the other class had done and wanted to know when they could next do the activity to improve on their scores.

** Year 3 also have had the opportunity to do this sports day**


Due to Mrs Sweet writing this blog, Sainsbury's selected us as a winner for this term winning £400 of vouchers to spend on the Youth Sport Direct website.  We will look to spending this to promote physical activity in school.  Thank you to Mrs Sweet!!

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Letter to the Editor of the Weston Mercury referring to our Year 4 pupils and their visit to Worle High Street to conduct surveys:


I WAS stopped in Worle High Street on Friday by a group of schoolchildren doing a survey. I just wanted to praise them as they were well mannered and polite in their approach to me. So well done to you all, lots of budding journalists among you.


Constable Drive, Worle