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Future Stars Summer Holiday Club at Castle Batch

Future Stars Summer Fun Clubs - Is your child looking for a new, fun & exciting sporting experience? We are providing holiday clubs at venues across N-Somerset, Bristol & South Gloucestershire, with our famous sporting themed days. Where children aged 5-12 get a chance to participate in some of their old favourite sports, as well as some brand new ones - with plenty of chances to win prizes each day! Perfect for working parents when balancing their busy schedules over the summer period.  For further information on dates, activities & bookings - Follow this link ( <>) find your local venue & book online today!


Athletics Holiday Clubs

North Somerset Athletic Club/Academy will be running eleven athletics coaching/fundays during the summer holidays. Would be great to see as many of
you as possible during this time.  We have been running these days for 12 years, and are confident we have the perfect blend of events and coaching, and we will be taking advantage of our specialist Athletic facilities at Clevedon School. If you are planning to get involved in some sporting days during the summer, why not give us a go... and bring a friend or two!  You can book between 1 and 11 days, to suit your circumstances. Cost £15 per child per day, so not only an exciting day, but also excellent value-for-money! Please book asap as we have a maximum number that we will not exceed. This ensures everyone gets plenty of attention and opportunities during the day (not crowd management!)



Following the success with our Yr5 & 6 girls cricket team, any girls interested in having a go are encouraged to go to girl's coaching sessions at Weston-Super-Mare Cricket Club on Wednesdays from 5pm to 6:30pm. Boys' sessions are also available! PLease contact Rhys Crocker on 01934 515977 or 0770 680 8911 or see the poster in Mrs Sweet's classroom window.

Slapped Cheek (parvovirus)

We have had a number of cases of Slapped Cheek in school over the past few weeks.  If your child presents with a rash, we will ask you to take them to the GP to get it confirmed it is Slapped Cheek.  Following guidelines from the Public Health, once your child has developed a rash, they are no longer contagious and can be in school.  We just ask for you to get it confirmed as we need to inform adults or other children who are vulnerable in anyway to this virus.  Please click on the links below for further guidance:

Junior Parkrun!


Would you like to take part in a Junior Parkrun?

If you are interested, visit and click on the events. On the map, find the Junior Parkrun that will be taking place behind Priory School.

The course is 2km and parents can run with their children! The first parkrun will take place on Sunday 22nd May at 9:00am.


If you are interested, ask a parent to register your details on the website. These events will be taking place every Sunday and you can join in as many as you want!