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Weekly Update!

W/C 3/12

This week...


Phonics: We will be introducing the new letters b, f, ff, l, ll and ss and learning the sounds they make as well as learning the ditties that help us to remember how to form the letters. We will also be exploring words that begin with those sounds as well as sounding out and blending words with those letter sounds in.


Maths: The children will be exploring finding totals and the adults will be modelling recording using symbols such as + and =. We will be using vocabulary such as 'total' 'count' 'how many' 'add' 'equal' 'same as' 'more' and 'fewer'.


Reading books: Please can children keep their reading books and reading record book  in their book bags at all times and ensure that school books are returned to school along with the story bears. If books and story bears are not returned it becomes difficult to distribute them out to other children that need them and our book resources become depleted. Many thanks.

W/C 26/11

Last week we introduced our new phonics sounds g, o, c and k and learned the ditties to help us remember how to form the letters. We explored words that begun with those sounds as well as sounding out and blending words with those letter sounds in. During our maths chats we focused on counting and explored number tracks. We created our own number tracks and used them to count forwards and backwards. We also thought about this terms theme 'Winter, Wellie Walks and Wonder' and what this means to us.


This week...

Phonics: We will be introducing the new letters e, u, r and h and learning the sounds they make as well as learning the ditties that help us to remember how to form the letters. We will also be exploring words that begin with those sounds as well as sounding out and blending words with those letter sounds in.


Maths: We will be exploring Number Bonds (2 numbers that total another number for example number bonds of 10 would include 1 + 9, 2 + 8, 3 + 7 etc). We will be using different equipment such as our Numicon and magnetic bars to explore this.


Spare socks please!!! Over the past term and a half our supply of spare socks has decreased and it is difficult at times to provide children with spare socks to take home should they need them. Please can we ask that if your child borrows any of the spare school uniform that they return it clean as soon as possible. If any of your children out grow their school socks and have any that they could donate to our spares collection they would be gratefully received. Thank you.

W/C 12.11.18


The children settled back into school really well last week after their 2 week break and enjoyed our number themed week where we focused on matching numerals to quantities of objects. The children also learned about the letters s, a, t and p and the sounds they make. 


This week we are focusing on subitising  (the instant recognition of small quantities) and playing lots of games to develop this skill with resources such as dice and numicon.


In phonics this week we are consolidating the letter sounds s, a, t, p and introducing the new letter sounds i, n, m, and d. We are playing letter recognition games, recalling the ditties that help us to remember how to write the letters as well as blending those sounds to make different words.

October Half Term update...


What a wonderful first term your children have had in Reception at Castle Batch School! They have settled well and become familiar with the routines and learning environments in our Early Years provision. Please continue to encourage your children to come in independently and say goodbye in the playground. 


We have enjoyed many learning experiences and activities with the highlight being our trip to the beach! We are now looking forward to our second term of ‘W is for Winter, Wellie Walks and Wonder.’


Please read the attached letter where you will find upcoming dates for your diary. We are also looking forward to seeing the children for our 'Book at Bedtime' on Tuesday 6th November.


We hope you are having an enjoyable half term holiday and are looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

W/C 08.10.18


This week our positive recognition board has had the focus 'I can care for others'. The children have been looking out for other children demonstrating acts of caring and sharing the examples they have seen with the class.


During phonics we have been playing listening and rhyme games. During our 'maths chat' we have been exploring the Numicon maths resource and some of the many games that can be played with the resource. The children have enjoyed exploring the Numicon during 'Busy Time' too.


We would like to draw your attention to our termly school reading reward that some of you may already be familiar with. Each week teachers check the reading records and add names to a box of children that have worked hard to read as regularly as they can at home. At the end of the term a name is picked from the box and that child wins a book to keep in recognition of their hard work. A teacher can add a child's name more than once per term if each week they demonstrate regular reading and therefore this increases their chance to win. Happy reading!!!

W/C 01.10.18


This week we are playing rhyming games during phonics and finding pairs of words that rhyme. During our Maths chat we are continuing to sing number songs. We have been thinking about what is happening to the numbers/objects during the song, are there more or less objects? Is the number getting bigger or smaller? Which number do you think will be next in the number song? The children were interested last week in building things and knocking them down so this week we are estimating how many things we might need to build a tower before it falls over. Were our estimations correct?


Class Contract- The children have talked about rules we might need in order to have a happy and successful day at school. They have collectively come up with 3 important rules which make up our class contract. They are...

-We care for ourselves.

-We care for others.

-We care for our environment.

This week our star board is linked to our contract and has the target 'I can care for others'. In the Foundation Stage at Castle Batch we praise the good choices that children make and "catch them being good" by acknowledging the behaviour we see to individuals and in group or class situations. Some children need support to make the right choices and our focus is always on talking through those choices or situations to enable children to do their best learning, sharing or to resolve conflicts etc. 


PE kits- Thank you for providing all children with named PE kits. We are aware that some kits became a bit muddled during our first PE experience and we will be sorting them out with the children soon.


Bedtime stories- The Story Bears have had a wonderful time coming home with the children and listening to bedtime stories. We can't highlight enough the importance of having a daily reading experience, and what better way to do this than to share time and a story with your child. 

W/C 24.09.18


We are looking forward to having the children for their first week of full days! When the children self register in the morning they put their name card up on the lunch menu board in the classroom. To help them know which colour they need to place their card on (red for meat option, green for vegetarian, yellow for salad and blue for packed lunch) we will be writing the daily menu choice up on the door to the rainbow room. Please could parent/carers help their child become independent in the morning by reminding them which colour card to place their registration card on before they enter the rainbow room. The menu options can also be found on the school website by selecting 'parents' and then 'lunch menu'.


This week the children will be bringing a story bear home on their Guided Reading day. Story Bear comes with a care notice on him which asks children/parents/carers to share a story with story bear that evening and then return him to school in the child's book bag the next day. If Story Bear is not returned the next day another child will not be able to take one home. We hope that the children will enjoy sharing their reading time with Story Bear.


We are also continuing to talk about ourselves at talk time by sharing our 'This is Me' posters, play listening games during our phonics session and sing number songs during our maths session.

Weekly Update 17.09.18


We have been so impressed with how well the children have settled in when coming into school and putting their things away independently. As you know this week the children are coming into school altogether. As you can imagine 60 children coming in with their parents and carers at the same time makes for a very busy Rainbow room, classroom and corridor area so we are encouraging children to say goodbye to whoever is bringing them to school at the Rainbow room door where they will be greeted by one of the team. We appreciate that there may still be children that need extra support and encouragement to take this step but if your child is happy to come in independently it would be greatly appreciated. 


This week we will be focusing on getting to know our new classroom friends and continuing to practise the routines we have learned so far in our classroom, rainbow room and outside areas. 


We will also be playing listening games during our daily phonics session and continuing to sing number rhymes.

W/C 9/9


This week we will be exploring our school grounds and going on a blackberry picking walk. The blackberries are then going to be used to make blackberry crumble in our cookery workshop. By the end of the week each child will take home a piece of the crumble to enjoy.


We are listening to lots of stories as a class, learning to be a good audience as the stories are being told and sharing our ideas about the stories by taking it in turns to talk and listen to one another.


We will be learning and singing number songs as well as continuing to share our 'All About Me' posters with the class during talk time.


Please also read last weeks update (03.09.18) and remember to visit this weekly update link every week to view information about what your child will be learning in school each week as well as other messages related specifically to the Foundation Stage classes.

W/C 3/9


Firstly we would like to say a big hello and welcome to all of our new Foundation Stage children and their families this term. We are really looking forward to getting to know you all and about the year ahead of us!
Each week we will post an update on this page to inform you of the children's learning for the week ahead. This may also include things you can do to support your child as well as information specifically related to whats going on in the Foundation stage classes so please do check in weekly.
This week...
We will be playing lots of 'getting to know you' games and settling into the routines of the day. 
For your information, each morning the children will be greeted by a member of the Foundation Stage team at the door, after which they can put their book bags into the boxes in the rainbow room before putting their water bottles in the classroom and hanging their coats on their peg in the corridor. Then they can register for the day by picking up their name card in the classroom and sticking it onto their food choice for the day before choosing an activity set up in the classroom. 
A reminder of things to be in school at all times...NAMED waterproofs, wellington boots and PE kit.
Things that need to be brought into school daily...book bags and water bottles.
This week the children will be bringing home a book from our reading area in the classroom. This is a book for the adults to read to the children and share. The children will be able to keep the book for a week and then swap it for a new book the following week.
We are also looking for empty, clean 2 litre plastic bottles so any that you can send in would be gratefully received. Thank you.
We hope all the children enjoy their first week at school!