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Fruit Kebabs

As part of our discussions about healthy living we have been making fruit kebabs with the children.  The activity encouraged the children and adults to talk about their favourite fruits and why it is good to eat at least five portions of fruit or vegetables every day.  The children enjoyed sitting together to make and then eat their fruit kebabs.  Pushing the fruit onto small skewers also supported the development of their fine motor skills.

Stonework Play

Children in Reception have been engaging with our natural world as they have explored and been creative with stones.  The concept of ‘Stonework Play’ is that we can use stones as a free, open ended resource to develop creativity and expression.  The children and adults gather their stones, construct their story or image with them, draw their construction and then talk about their thoughts and ideas.  The stories and images are then shared.  The possibilities for expressive art and design are limitless as are the opportunities for communication and language.  You could have a go at ‘Stonework Play’ at home or out and about once you have gathered a collection of stones!

Winter Wellie Walk!

Today we put our waterproofs and wellies on and set off on our first Winter Wellie Walk.  We stomped in the leaves, explored our forest school and talked to each other about the things we noticed now that the season has changed.

Blackberry Picking!

This week we put on our wellies and walked up to the end of our school field to pick blackberries.  We are now using the berries we picked to make our own blackberry crumble, yum!  Picking the fruit and rubbing the ingredients together to make our crumble all help our physical development, including fine motor skills ready for writing.