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What we do in Reception

What happens in Reception


Reception do PE indoors on a Thursday, however we would prefer it if the PE kit could be kept in school at all times.  We will also be doing an outside session when the children have settled in.


We access our outdoor area all year round and in all weathers, so please ensure children have waterproof clothing (this may be separate waterproof trousers and coat or an all-in-one) as well as wellington boots to protect their clothing.


Each week as well as reading many stories together as a class each child will read within a small guided reading group of up to 6 children.  We begin by sharing story books as a group and sending home a story book to share at home.  We then begin to introduce books which encourage children to explore sounds which are then sent home.  Eventually, the children progress to books which introduce several new letters/sounds each week and then fiction and non-fiction books.  The children may keep the book that is sent home for the week but we ask that they be looked after and kept in their book bags every day so that they may be returned and given to other children in the class.  Please share and read the books that are sent home daily.  A daily reading session is a great way to encourage a good reading routine.  At times the children may also bring home a set of sight words to learn in the form of a reading challenge.  One of our biggest aims is for the children to foster a love of reading and hearing an adult read to them is a great way to do that so please also continue to read books to your child whether it may be from home, school or a local library.


There are many ways you can support your child with their Numeracy at home including the use of Mathletics.  We have listed a few other ideas below that will give your child a good start to Numeracy:

  • Be number detectives, look for numbers on houses, in letters, on number plates and when reading books.
  • Sing counting songs and rhymes (10 green bottles, there are 10 in the bed etc).
  • Play number games - dominoes, snakes and ladders.
  • Use mathematical language - more, less, first, second, heavier, lighter.
  • Encourage children to recognise small amounts without counting, for example recognising dots on a dice.


Can we ask that ALL uniform including PE kits and coats are labelled with your child's name.  This helps your child so much - and us!