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What We Do In Yr2

What happens in Year 2


Year 2 have PE on a Tuesday and a Friday.  Due to the changing weather can you please ensure your child has an outside PE kit and can all kit be in school all week.



Daily: We encourage all children to read on a daily basis - it can be a magazine, comic or a book from home or school!  Please record this in the reading diary so we can see what type of books the children are interested in (Also, where possible please keep reading to your child at home, bedtime stories are a lovely opportunity to teach your child expression, fluency and simply encourage a love of books!)

Friday: Literacy is issued on Friday and due in the following Friday.  A Spelling sheet is also issued on Fridays to learn ready for a test the following Friday.  The sheets do not need to be returned into school.  Mathletics will also be set each Friday to be completed by the following Friday.  Any certificates gained will be put up in the class windows each Friday.


Changing Reading books

For those reading books from the corridor, they can change their books any day and changing library books is on Tuesday and Friday.


Helpful Hints for Homework


There are many ways you can support your child with their numeracy at home:

  • Play number games - Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Dominoes, Card Games and Monopoly.
  • Go shopping and get them to work out how much things cost and how much change you will get.
  • Count as you go up and down stairs, count in two's, five's and ten's.
  • Cook together - measure and weigh ingredients using scales, how long will it take to cook? What time will it be ready.  
  • Cut food items into halves and then quarters.  Talk about the number of pieces.
  • Count pocket money or coins from a jar.


Expectation at the end of Year 2:

  • Children will be able to find addition and subtraction facts to 20 (5+4=9, 13-5=8, 9-6=3)
  • Children will know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.