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What we do in Yr6

What happens in Year 6


Year 6 will usually have indoor PE on Tuesday and outdoor PE on Wednesday.  However, due to the number of sporting competitions Year 6 participate in, can you ensure we have PE kits in school all week. Please ensure outside kit is now included as the weather is getting colder.



Daily: Children are encouraged to read on a daily basis.It would really help them to read to an adult and be questioned on the text they had just read.

Thursday: The children are given spellings which they have to put into simple, compound and complex sentences.  

Friday: A piece of Literacy and Numeracy homework is issued and it relates to the concepts covered in the lessons of that week.  This is due in on the following Friday. 


Helpful Hints for Learning!


  • Money – Go shopping, work out how much things cost and how much change you would get.
  • Time – Encourage your child to read the time on both digital and analogue clocks. Read bus and train timetables and work out how long the journey will take.
  • Measure – Let your child help with the cooking. Help them to measure ingredients accurately. Talk about what each division on a scale represents.


Expectation at the end of Year 6

  • Children will know all their times tables to 12 x 12 and know the related division facts(7 x 5 = 35, 35 ÷7 = 5)
  • Children will recognise prime and square numbers and will recognise factors of numbers
  • Children will understand the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages