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Castle Club

Castle Club is part of Castle Batch's wrap around care service available for all children throughout our academy from 3.15pm through to 6pm. This facility provides continuity and consistency of approach in a calm and caring environment.  It promotes social and educational benefits with positive outcomes with peer group interaction. 


What you need to know:-

Where is Castle Club held?

The club is currently held in our school Atrium and accessed via the Rawlins Avenue gate entrance, with a secure entry system after hours.  We take a register on arrival and your child’s safety is paramount – from our parents we require passwords and signature upon collection.

What time can I collect my child and what does it cost?

You can collect your child/ren at any time and we uniquely offer a three tier pricing:

Tier 1 = between 3.15-4.15pm; or Tier 1C 4.00pm (from an activity club) -5.15pm @ £4.50 including a snack

Tier 2 = between 3.15-5.15pm; or Tier 2C 4.00pm (from an activity club) -6pm @ £9.00 including the choice of food

Tier 3 = 3.15-6pm @ £12.40 including the choice of food

Your child’s place can only be secured by payment in advance via Weduc/sQuid.

Do I need to book?

You do need to book. By completing the booking on Weduc/sQuid. Please request a refund if you no longer require the space. 

What happens at the end of the school day?

All Key Stage 1 children are accompanied to the Atrium by their class teacher and Key Stage 2 children make their own way to the club.   

Staffing at the club?

The club is managed by the Play Leader, Miss Owens, alongside experienced members of our staff – Mrs Taylor, Mrs Pengelly, Mrs Syrad, Mrs Woollard, Miss Merritt, Miss Croker, Miss Rowan, Miss Burton-Dickie, Mrs Gorman, Mrs Cook and Mrs Strange as playworkers. All of our staff hold Level 2 Food Hygiene certificates and a First Aid trained member and fire warden are on site at all times.

What do the children eat?

There is a choice of food including sandwiches, toast, crackers, cereals, along with water, milk and various sugar-free squash.

What do the children do?

The children have a range of activities to choose from including - board games, watch a DVD, read, computer time, arts and crafts, puzzles, colouring, play outside in the playground or run around with a football in our hall.  We work alongside class teachers to promote homework and reading. There is always something different to do every day!  Please view our photo gallery.

If your request is urgent or you are a first time club user and need further information, then please contact the office by telephone on 01934 514552. 

Castle Club Booking Form

Please remember to state your child's year group and which session you are booking. Please note if you are cancelling your booking on the day and it is after 11am you will still be charged.