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Key Stage 1

Who are we!

From September 2020, Mrs Hannah Tedder will be the Key Stage 1 class teacher.  Hannah Tedder has been with Castle Batch for three years.  She has had various teaching roles since qualifying including owning and managing her own pre-school for nine years.  She has always worked with younger children and is very passionate about bringing learning to life and giving children first hand experiences.  As well as being caring and supportive, she has an endless supply of energy and is very much looking forward to working within the Base.  


There are four consistent members of staff who work in Key Stage 1.  All staff are trained in Makaton, ELKAN and have vast experience in the SEND field and attend continual relevant training in respect of the ever changing needs of the Base.  Within the Base members of staff also have experience with TalkBoost, Theraplay, Incredible Years Parenting, Early Birds and first aid.


From September 2020 we will be:



Mrs Hannah Tedder - Class Teacher (Mon-Thurs)
Mrs Lorraine Harper - SEND HLTA/TA (Mon-Fri)
Mrs Sarah Roper - SEND TA (Wed-Fri)
Mrs Deb Marchant - SEND LSA (Mon,Tues & Fri)
Mrs Vicky Sharpe - Speech & Language Therapist
Mrs Hannah Jones - SENDCO
From September 2020 our classroom has a new look - 
Our Classroom
Our Outdoor Play

The children in Key Stage 1 remain in Hannah Tedder's class all day and for their Key Stage 1 years with access to our mainstream classes as appropriate.


Overview of Learning

Please click on the link below for more information:

Gallery of Work

Please click on the crayon below to view our current topic work and walls, events and work of the week gallery.  Your individual child's learning is also recorded on our online learning journal:

New Intake Transition Information

We will be welcoming 4 Foundation children to KS1 in September.  To help those children transition into our Base, we have set up the following play dates:

Week 2: Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th September - 10am - 12 noon.

Week 3: Monday 14th September all week 8.45am - 12 noon.

Week 4: Monday 21st September all week 8.45am - 12 noon.

Week 5: Monday 28th September all week 8.45am - 1pm including packed lunch.

Week 6: Monday 5th October all week and all day 8.45am - 3pm - ONLY if the children are ready and in agreement with class teacher and SENDCO.


Please note due to covid-19 the Base arrival time will be 8.30am and pick up will be 3pm prompt through the Rawlins Avenue gate to meet the school's co-ordinated year group departure times.

Useful Day to Day Information

All of our Key Stage 1 children are supported at lunchtime from within our staff team by Mrs Roper and Mrs Drew.  


Please note to begin our school year in September our PE day will be on a Tuesday, however, due to covid-19 your child/ren will be required to come into school on that day wearing their PE kit - with further joggers/sweatshirt dependent on the weather - as for Term 1 all PE will be held outside.  We will not be able to store any PE clothing/kit bags at this time on the premises.  Additional events may require our children to wear their PE clothes on a different day and you will be notified in advance.


Reading books and Writing with Symbols, all Key Stage 1 children either have a reading book or a blue folder or both.  We read with the children at least four times a week, however, to aid their progress it would be great if they could also read at home.  Please complete their reading log books where applicable.


For those children receiving homework, this is usually issued on Thursdays - consisting of spellings, maths games and handwriting.  These are shared activities and we value your support in assisting your child with their homework.


Library day is a Monday.  Yr1 and 2 are able to take library books home.  They choose these independently from a selection of fiction and non-fiction books.  These are again to share - the expectation is not for your child to read this independently, but to share the book.  All books need to be back on the following Monday in order that your child can choose a new book.


In the autumn and winter months we often take the children on winter walks, therefore please could warm coats and wellingtons (we will keep the wellies here) be brought into school.