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Castle Batch

Primary School Academy

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British Values in Our School

Castle Batch Primary School Academy

Fundamental British Values in Our School


Democracy – making decisions together

  • Circle Assemblies give children time to discuss and debate school issues. They record and share their thoughts with the senior leadership team and this influences some of the decisions we make.
  • School Council gives children the opportunity to participate in a democratic process of electing their class representatives.
  • Children are encouraged to discuss together to find solutions to problems. This happens in class and in the playground, with the Batch Buddies supporting children who need it.
  • Class rules are developed and negotiated together at the beginning of the school year.

Rule of Law – understanding that our rules matter and will be followed through

  • Children have a clear understanding of our school rules. We use the Good to be Green behaviour approach which allows us to acknowledge good behaviour and give consequences for unacceptable behaviour.
  • Children learn about consequences through our school ethos and also through our work in PHSE. They have the chance to discuss what is right and wrong, and show an increasing understanding of this as they move through our school.
  • Following the rules and doing the right thing is central to our ethos and is modelled by all staff at all times.

Individual Liberty - freedom for all

  • Children at Castle Batch develop a positive sense of themselves and are treated as individuals at all times.
  • Children have numerous opportunities to develop their self esteem and their confidence (e.g. performance, risk taking, residential trips and visits);
  • Children are very good at listening to the points of view of others, and expressing their own. This is developed as children move through the school through PHSE and other areas of the curriculum (for example, while exploring argument texts in Literacy).
  • Children are given increasing freedom and responsibilities to do such things as run clubs as they move up through the school. This helps them understand that with freedom comes responsibility and expectation.

Mutual respect and tolerance – treat others as you want to be treated

  • The school has a very strong ethos of inclusivity and tolerance where views, faiths, cultures and races are valued.
  • Children are inclusive of all others. Our Resource Base children are welcomed by all into their mainstream classes.
  • Children are beginning to show more understanding of other faiths and cultures in their immediate and wider community, and this is an area we have identified that we need to work on in the coming school year. Much of this work will be done through our RE and PHSE curriculums.
  • Staff model, encourage and explain the importance of tolerant behaviours such as sharing and respecting others’ opinions. This is expected of all of our children.
  • The school will be seeking to more actively promote diverse attitudes and challenge stereotypes through the resources we use and the books the children read.

What is NOT acceptable at Castle Batch

  • The promotion of intolerance of other faiths, cultures and races;
  • Failure to challenge gender stereotypes and the routine segregation of girls and boys;
  • Isolating children from the school community or the wider community;
  • Failure to challenge behaviours (whether of staff, children or parents) that are not in line with the fundamental British values of democracy, rule of law,  individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs.