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Castle Batch

Primary School Academy

Happy, confident children, learning to learn



Welcome to Castle Batch Primary School Academy!


We aim for all our children to be happy, confident , and resilient individuals who, through their time with us, develop a thirst for and love of learning. This is at the heart of what we do. 


We believe that learning is a personal, rigorous and continuous process where connections are made and strengthened so that pupils gain knowledge, improve skills, deepen understanding and work to achieve their academic potential. Alongside this, our school works hard to nurture our pupils’ physical, moral and mental wellbeing which supports and promotes rounded, productive citizens who are ready to make a positive contribution to society.


Through careful planning and appropriate strategies, we endeavour to meet the individual needs of every learner in our school.


We are a caring, inclusive academy. We value the contributions and achievements of all members of our academy community. We have the highest expectations of our learners in all areas of school life and beyond the school gates too. Tolerance, understanding, and respect for others are fostered throughout the academy and this is reflected in the excellent behaviour of our children.


We are a Learning without Limits School, and believe in the extraordinary learning capacity of every one of our young learners. We put no ceiling on their learning through assumptions about their ability, and we use every opportunity to let them show us what they can do.


We are very fortunate to have lovely spacious grounds which we use to enhance curriculum learning. We take pride in our site and all that it can offer.


We consider ourselves a true community academy, serving the children and families of Worle. Children and staff are very proud of our academy and we would be very pleased to show you around.


To keep up to date with future events, please read the information on our calendar and /or follow us on our social media feeds.


Sally Taylor