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School Council

2019-2020 School Council

In our school the children from year 1 up to year 6 (including the KS2 resource base) vote for a class representative to join the school council for the year. Each representative is selected fairly by the children after giving a short speech about what makes them the ideal candidate. These children will meet monthly with Mr Chambers to bring the ideas and concerns of their class mates. They will work with adults to discuss possible ideas for the school and share what is working well.

Picture 1 KS2 S&L Base Rep
Picture 2 5LA Rep
Picture 3 1HL/HT Rep
Picture 4 1RH/HT Rep
Picture 5 2CP/AN
Picture 6 3KM/AT Rep
Picture 7 6DB Rep
Picture 8 2HJ/SH Rep
Picture 9 4JB Rep
Picture 10 6JC Rep
Picture 11 5ST/LA
Picture 12 4EH/MM
Picture 13 5ST/AS
Picture 14 3CD/AT