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Castle Batch

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Learning without Limits

At CBPSA, we passionately believe that all of our children are capable of amazing and extraordinary things!  We believe that there are truly no limits to what anyone can do with hard work, practice and belief! We are proud to be a 'Learning without Limits' academy. This is a journey we have been taking with our children for the last two years, and this will continue as we move forward.


We no longer group by ability at CBPSA. We believe that children will be held down by false ceilings that the adults construct for them. We trust that they can challenge themselves, and we encourage them to do this in their learning, by setting them different levels of challenge and asking them to select the level that is right for them. They can ask the right questions and deepen their own understanding of the world around them.


We believe in everybody in our academy. We want to hear everybody's voice and this is why we hold weekly Circle Assemblies where all of the children in our academy can have their voices heard.


We work together and side by side, ensuring co-agency. We are collaborative in class and as a staff, using the skills of everybody here to solve problems.


We embrace unpredictability. Our children constantly surprise us with what they can do, what they know, the depth of their thinking and the determination they show. We do not believe that ability is predefined, and we believe that all children can amaze us in different ways. This unpredictability makes being part of our academy so very rewarding.